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What is the recipe for brownies?

4 squares chocolate (1 oz.)3/4 cup butter or margarine2 cups caster sugar3 eggs1 tsp. vanilla extract1 cup all-purpose flour Melt butter and chocolate seperately and then mi (MORE)

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Did brownies have weed in them?

Regular brownies do not, and never did. People have been known to make brownies with marijuana baked into them.
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Are brownies cakes?

No, brownies are not usually classified as cakes. Cakes generally  have a good "rise" on them, meaning that they use a rising agent  (such as baking powder) most brownies us (MORE)

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Are brownies pastries?

No, brownies are not pastries. Pastries are made of dough and are light and airy. Brownies are fudgy and have high density, they are considered a cross between cakes and c (MORE)

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Are brownies real?

Yes only if u mean the mystical ones that you think. a brownie is a type of faerie. it will find a house and a family and help with chores. But if you make a brownie mad they (MORE)

What are the ingredients in brownies?

There are many different recipes for making brownies. However, there are some common ingredients in every recipe. The brownie recipe should include flower, cocoa powder, eggs, (MORE)

What does the McGhee-Mangrum Inventory of School Adjustment measure?

  Taken from the MISA Technical Manual:     The MISA is a 50-item rating scale appropriate for use by counselors, psychologists and others who want to assess a stud (MORE)

How to grease a brownie pan with butter?

My favorite method -- take some butter and put it in a microwave safe container, such as a mason jar. Microwave it JUST A LITTLE -- you do NOT want to melt it; you just want i (MORE)