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What did Bruhathkayosaurus eat?

It was a Herbivore. So it would have eaten plants. It would also sometimes eat meat for protein.
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How heavy did a bruhathkayosaurus weigh?

it is estimated that bruhathkayosaurus weighed 139 metric tonnes. earlier estimates had it at 170-240 tonnes, but these are considered to be exagerrated. perhaps one day we co (MORE)
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How much does the Bruhathkayosaurus weights?

Higher estimates put it at around 220-200 tons (Bigger than thelargest Blue Whale), lower estimate puts it around 139-140 tonswhich is still larger than the average Blue Whale (MORE)
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How tall was a bruhathkayosaurus?

14 meters or around 46 feet. Not the tallest (Tallest belongs to Sauroposeidon), but is the heaviest, much more heavier than Argentinasaurus and probably the Blue Whale .
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How large was Bruhathkayosaurus?

Large, very large. The lowest estimate for Bruhathkayosaurus was a 139 tons, this is still larger than the average size of a Blue Whale at around 100-120 tons. Highest estimat (MORE)
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What is bruhathkayosaurus?

Bruhathkayasaurus matleyi is a dinosaur species known from a few fossilized bones, including the ilium and ischium (both are hip bones), part of a femur (upper hind leg bone) (MORE)