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What is a bruise?

A bruise is broken blood vessels under the skin that causes the area to take on a dark appearance.. Bruises, or ecchymoses, are a discoloration and tenderness of the skin or (MORE)

Why do you get bruises?

we get bruises because it is bleeding under the skin which causes the discoloration. If you bump yourself and have a bruise athe next day its from bleeding under the skin. If (MORE)

What are bruises?

Bruises are formed when something hits the surface of your skin very hard. This causes tiny blood vessels, called capillaries to break or burst under the skin, leaking blood u (MORE)

How do you get a bruise?

You get a bruise by bumping into something really hard, something sharp, etc. What happens once you get a bruise, is that the blood vessel, that runs all over the body, it pop (MORE)
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Why is the middle of your bruise not bruised?

it is because the center of it is where the exact part where it was bumped or bruised. the muscle veins have somewhat clot some blood there so it result to swelling and mark o (MORE)

What do you do if you have a bruised toe?

Funny enough, I have one as I'm typing this. The best thing to do is, as I was told, is to keep your foot above the area of your heart, so it can't swell so easy, and put ice (MORE)

How do you bring out a bruise?

Well, I'll try to explain it. Everyone knows a bruise comes out by a bump,accident,purposeinjury. The injury comes out because when for an example you bump your kneeon a metal (MORE)