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Can you jump on brutal legend?

sadly, no. It was possibly the only flaw many critrics found in the game, getting stuck on raised terrain with no way to jump.
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What is the most brutal animal?

I would say the polar bear because they are the most aggressive animal. They will attack and pursue any human or animal they become aware of even if they are not in their own (MORE)
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Is brutality an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'brutality' is an abstract noun as a  word for state or quality of being ruthless, cruel, harsh, or  unrelenting; a ruthless, cruel, harsh, or unrelenting act; (MORE)

You were a victim of police brutality what do you do?

File a complaint with the agency whose officer(s) 'brutalized" you. If your complaint is legitimate they will investigate. If they are are not responsive, contact your local p (MORE)
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Why were Assyrian soldiers brutal and cruel?

The Assyrian soldiers were cruel because the Chaldeans were taken over by the Assyrians and the Chaldeans were highly upset with Assyria and they were very brutal and cruel wh (MORE)

Were Hessians brutal to their prisnors?

No. In the 18th century, prisoners of war were treated differently  than they are today, and both the Hessians and their prisoners  upheld a strong code of honour. Therefore (MORE)
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How were kapos brutal?

They were brutal by beating inmates, wipping them, hanging. Kapos  where also inmates chosen by the SS to be incharge of inmates. They  got special privilages like extra foo (MORE)