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What does brutal mean?

plese answer my question. That is not what it means plaease If your going to Have a questionare Site then you need to Have descent Answers.. THANKS,. Haley Ryan
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What is Brutal Legend?

Brutal Legend is a 2009 Tim Shaeffer video game starring Jack Black, Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne.
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How do you spell brutally?

You spell it "Brutally" just the way you spelled it. It's an adjective meaning savage, cruel or inhuman.
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What is brutal justice?

Brutal justice is brutal justice... Brutal : A brutal act or person is cruel or violent Justice : The fairness in the way that people are treated
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Where to get brutal Mario?

Here: Copy that into the address bar and you will be at a website all about it. There should be a picture of a boss battle on the page ( Full Answer )
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How were kapos brutal?

They were brutal by beating inmates, wipping them, hanging. Kaposwhere also inmates chosen by the SS to be incharge of inmates. Theygot special privilages like extra food. Why ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for brutality?

Some common synonyms include atrocity , barbarism, barbarity, bloodthirstiness,brutishness, choke hold, cruelty , ferocity,fierceness, grossness, inhumanity, ruthlessness,sa ( Full Answer )
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What are brutal fights?

Brutal fights would be fights that are considered the most damaging and gruesome. They're the kind of fights that you would never want to experience, because it would most lik ( Full Answer )
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Is brutal an adjectives?

There is no simple answer of yes and no. Brutal is an adjective. But no it is not an adjectives. Let's re-write your question. Is brutal an adjective? Yes.
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Is brutal a noun?

No, the word 'brutal' is the adjective form for the noun brute . The noun form for the adjective brutal is brutality .