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Why is it important to stop police brutality?

In order to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to them, police are granted powers beyond what ordinary citizens are allowed to do. To ensure that they do not a (MORE)

Who were the most brutal Indians?

"Brutal" being understood as fierce in the face of the enemy, than the tribesof the Sioux nation and perhaps their neighbors, the Cheyenne, would qualify. Extended contact wit (MORE)

18 Brutally Awkward Airport Security Moments

In our post 9/11 world the TSA is a constant part of our lives. So instead of being as innocuous as possible the TSA never fails to make things as uncomfortable as humanly pos (MORE)
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6 Ways to Protect Your Home from the Brutal Phoenix Summer Sun

With temperatures reaching 120 degrees at times, the summer in Phoenix is one of the most brutally intense in the entire world. Residents cope with turning up their air-condit (MORE)

Judge Feels Firing Squad Executions Should Return

Well, this is certainly something.A Federal Court Chief Judge has offered a stern view on capital punishment after the third problem execution in the last six months, keeping (MORE)
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Is there going to be a brutal legend 2?

There will not be a Brutal Legend 2. It was canceled. Here's why: Well, here's the article at least.: Who Was There: Double Fine Production's Tim Schafer is well known for cl (MORE)
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How do police get away with police brutality?

This is a very old problem; even in the Roman Empire, the question was famously asked, who guards the guardians? Since it is the police who enforce the laws, it is the police (MORE)