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Who were the most brutal Indians?

"Brutal" being understood as fierce in the face of the enemy, than the tribesof the Sioux nation and perhaps their neighbors, the Cheyenne, would qualify. Extended contact wit (MORE)
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Is there going to be a brutal legend 2?

There will not be a Brutal Legend 2. It was canceled. Here's why: Well, here's the article at least.: Who Was There: Double Fine Production's Tim Schafer is well known for cl (MORE)

Most Brutal Prisons in the World

This prison received it's nickname Bangkok Hilton by those who live in the area, but many will not venture close it the prison. Prisoner's report being required to sleep cramm (MORE)
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8 Brutal Movie Backstabbers That Left Us Bitter

Nothing leaves a sting more than a backstabber. These flicks gave us some of the very worst we've ever had to see in cinema!With best friends like Julia Roberts in this movie, (MORE)

The 10 Most Shocking Cases of Police Brutality in 2013

The job of police is to protect and serve. Most of the time, this is what they do, and they're quite good at it. Your average cop is just doing his job, and it's a tough job r (MORE)
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How do police get away with police brutality?

This is a very old problem; even in the Roman Empire, the question was famously asked, who guards the guardians? Since it is the police who enforce the laws, it is the police (MORE)

Were Hessians brutal to their prisnors?

No. In the 18th century, prisoners of war were treated differently  than they are today, and both the Hessians and their prisoners  upheld a strong code of honour. Therefore (MORE)

Why were the vikings so brutal?

If you're a long way from home and support, that's how you  fight. Hit e'm hard and fast, then disappear with the loot before  the defense gets organized. Shock tactics and (MORE)