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Where is bubba?

EHHHH, its a little known secret that he resides in the state of Louisiana at Mr. Gumps production plant. Of course, even fewer know that he is a proud member of the rainbow c (MORE)

What is bubba definition?

There are two definitions of the word Bubba. for one it is used to call a person stupid. Two it is a different way of saying brother. Do not call anyone a bubba. Unless (MORE)

What is the bubba factor?

Basically in politics the Bubba factor is a term used to explain the common man. A lot of times it is used to refer to people as ones who don't think things through, unciviliz (MORE)
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Who is bubba jay?

OMG u no Jeff Dunham... if not look him up on or or google it or somthin cause he is funny!!! He has a show on comedy central with 5 puppets:jose jalepeno; (MORE)
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Who is Bubba Rothschild?

Bubba Rothschild is the name of the individual attending a party in Provence France while Sabrina (1995) that she tells David Larrabee about while attending his mother's lavis (MORE)
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What happened to Bubba in the Watertower?

Bubba changed into a different person his characterists changed , he had an imprint of the emblem on the palm of his hand and he lost his shorts whilst swimming in the water t (MORE)
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Why is bubba Watson called bubba?

This is a quote from Bubba Watson regarding his name. His dad is responsible for the nickname. Bubba on his name: "It was in 1978, Bubba Smith was playing football. So (MORE)