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Do gerbils squeak?

Gerbils can squeak but usually not on their own. ( Unless he's frustrated or playing with another gerbil.) If you are trying to pick him up with one hand, using your third and (MORE)

Why do mice squeak?

Mice will squeak when annoyed, scared, or in pain.   Answer   High pitched squeaking is a scream. If the mice are evenly matched fights are generally soundless. When a (MORE)

Do bunnies squeak?

Yes, some bunnies do squeak. Some rabbits are more "vocal" than others. A squeak could mean many different things, depending on the rabbit's personality and the situation. A b (MORE)
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Why do hamsters squeak?

Hamsters squeak as a sign of distress or a cry for help, if your hamster does squeak go to it immediately and see if anything is wrong, if you can see no injuries obviously, b (MORE)

Why do gerbils squeak?

Gerbils use squeaks that sound like 'bird tweets' as a sign of communication between other gerbils. If you have more than one gerbil, you would hear them squeaking at eachothe (MORE)

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What are Tree Squeaks?

On the lighter side...   Tree Squeaks are small squirrel sized animals that frequent both deciduous and coniferous forests. Their furless hides are rough and brownish loo (MORE)

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