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Where did the Buccaneers get their name?

The word boucanier was applied to French hunters who dried meat on a frame that the Arawak tribe called a buccan . When some of these French were joined by British and Dutc (MORE)

Who were the pirate Buccaneers?

The buccaneers were settlers who smoked meat into strips called "boucan" and the settlers were called boucaniers by the French. When the Spanish began pursuing the French in (MORE)

What is a buccaneer?

A pirate. The term comes from the French boucanier, a person who preserves meat by smoking it. A lot of these became pirates in the Caribbean, apparently.

Who plays on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Brandon Anderson B.J. Askew -35 Ronde Barber -20 Connor Barth -10 Michael Bennett -71 E.J. Biggers -31 Quincy Black -58 Reggie Brown Rudy Carpenter -12 Micha (MORE)
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Is the Buccaneers good?

yes theyre 8-5 and could have a real shot at the playoffs but injuries are hurting their chances

How do you spell buccaneers?

That is the correct spelling ofthe plural noun "buccaneers" (pirates). The proper noun is capitalized ( Tampa Bay Buccaneers ).