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Who was Buddha?

The Buddha was a hindu sant/satguru(enlightened and blessd soul),not a god or a prophet, who lived two thoushand five thoushand years ago in acient India. A very famous king o ( Full Answer )
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Who is Buddha?

The Buddha grew up a prince in India. Until he was a young man, hehad never encountered aging or death. When he happened to hear astory of a servant's death, he became very di ( Full Answer )
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What is a Buddha?

Lord Buddha is the supreme human being who discovered the ultimate reality about all living beings which called Buddhism.. Gautama Samma Sammbuddha who attained Buddhahood in ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Buddha?

Buddha is the founder of Buddhism he is portrayed differently ffrom what he really is. Buddha came from a wealthy family and decidedd to give up his wealth to find out the rea ( Full Answer )
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Who are the buddhas?

This question should be (who is Buddha?) because Buddha is one person that is founder of Buddhism. He Born in Lumbini, Nepal. Answer: All enlightened beings are Buddhas. ( Full Answer )
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Who is a Buddha?

It is a title given to a human person, saying he/she is "Fully Awakened". Meaning that that person has seen through the illusion of having an Ego. All human beings are inheren ( Full Answer )
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What is buddha and what did it do?

Buddha is a man named Siddhartha Gautama. What he did is create a religion called Buddhism and created meditation.
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What is your Buddha?

The historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, was an ordinary human who developed mind's potential to the fullest. He represents the potential of every human being to awaken to the truth ( Full Answer )
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What is is a Buddha?

A Buddha is an enlightened person. Messiah's are Buddhas BUDHA or MERCURY is considered as the greatest among the wise. This Devata bestows wisdom and wealth etc. on his dev ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to be a Buddha?

You have to attain enlightenment, but you have to work out how to do it for yourself. Otherwise you are just an Arahant.