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Who is the current Buddha?

The current Buddha is Buddha Shakyamuni or historical Buddha, because it is his doctrine that Buddhists follow, however there are countless Buddhas (enlightened beings) howeve (MORE)

Who was Buddha?

The Buddha was a hindu sant/satguru(enlightened and blessd soul),not a god or a prophet, who lived two thoushand five thoushand years ago in acient India. A very famous king o (MORE)

Why is Buddha known as Buddha?

Buddha basically means one who has attained enlightenment. More specifically they did it without a teacher to show them the Dharma (teachings of Buddhism), and then taught the (MORE)

Who is Buddha?

The Buddha grew up a prince in India. Until he was a young man, hehad never encountered aging or death. When he happened to hear astory of a servant's death, he became very di (MORE)

How did Gautama Buddha become a Buddha?

Buddha means the Fully Enlightened One. He became the Buddha through the realisation of the intrinsic / true nature of all things in the universe, including existence / mind & (MORE)

Who is the Buddha and what the term Buddha mean?

Buddha means "enlightened one" or "awakened one", that is someone who understand reality. The Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama who was an Indian prince. A short history of The Bud (MORE)

Who are the buddhas?

This question should be (who is Buddha?) because Buddha is one person that is founder of Buddhism. He Born in Lumbini, Nepal. Answer: All enlightened beings are Buddhas. All (MORE)

How do Buddhas meditate?

Buddhists' method of meditation is called "anapan sati dhyan".In this method of dhyan,incoming and outgoing of breath is watched.Inhalation and exhalation are watched.In other (MORE)

What does Buddha eat?

they don't eat meat so it means they are vegetarian Answer: Many Buddhists prefer a vegetarian diet. However the "rules" are not absolute. In countries such as Tibet the scar (MORE)