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Is Buddhism against Christianity?

No, Buddhism does not have stance for or against the existence of God. That question is left to the practitioner. Many religious figures from both traditions have studied the (MORE)

Which came first Buddhism or Christianity?

Buddhism came before Christianity, it was founded around the fifth century BC in India. Christianity began at 1st century AD in Jerusalem.    Addition to above:Whilst Jes (MORE)

What came first Buddhism or Christianity?

 Buddhism was founded in this world by the Buddha Shakyamuni, who was born in 624 BCE. This is many centuries before the start of Christianity, so Buddhism is older than Ch (MORE)

How are Christianity and Buddhism similar?

  Both have a core teaching of peace and love. If you really want to learn about it, reach Living Buddha, Living Christ (I think that's the name of it)... explains how bot (MORE)
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Does Buddhism antedate Christianity?

Yes- Buddhism arose during the Axial Age, the period of about 200 years either side of 500 BCE when momentous religious and philosophical developments occurred across the worl (MORE)
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Who are the founders of Judaism Buddhism Christianity and Islam?

  Hazrat Abraham (AS) and his grandsons - Hazrat Issac, Hazrat Jacob,  Hazrat Moses (AS) etc are considered the founders of Judaism. The  Muslims also believe in them to (MORE)

What are the differences between the spread of Christianity Buddhism and Hinduism?

Opinion:     Hinduism and Buddhism are said to have never forced been upon  people...The Hindu's mostly stayed in India..where as buddha was  spead in India and as (MORE)

Do Shintoism Christianity and Buddhism blend?

Shintoism and Buddhism blend relatively well. Buddhism does not  have a well-developed doctrine on the supernatural, which Shintoism  does have. By contrast, Shintoism does (MORE)

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