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What is a budgerigar?

Answer A "budgie" is the same thing as a parakeet. A budgie is a bird which can be kept as a pet and can be taught to talk. --- A budgie (short for budgerigar) is a col (MORE)

Is the budgerigar endangered?

The budgerigar is not endangered. There are plenty of them both in the wild, and domesticated (as pets and in aviaries). Besides being found in plentiful numbers in their nati (MORE)

What is the population of the budgerigar?

No one can say for sure how many budgies there are in the world. They originate from Australia, where it is believer that the wild population exceeds 5 million. Being the most (MORE)

How do Budgerigars communicate?

Budgerigars communicate using a variety of chirps and chattering.They also communicate by clicking and grinding their beak, and evenwiping their beak. Body language is also us (MORE)

Is a parakeet also known as a budgerigar?

The term "parakeet" is a generalised term to cover numerous species of smaller, long-tailed parrots. Usually, it is applied to the budgerigar , or budgie, a small native Aust (MORE)