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Was Buffy Sainte-Marie married?

In 1968 she married surfing teacher Dewain Bugbee of Hawaii. They divorced in 1971. She married Sheldon Wolfchild from Minnesota in 1975, and they have a son, Dakota "Cody" St (MORE)
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Why is Saint Mary considered a saint?

Saint Mary, aka The Blessed Virgin Mary, is considered a saint because according to Christianity, she, as a virgin, was chosen by God to give birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of (MORE)

What did Saint Mary do for a living?

There are many saints named Mary so you need to be specific.  However, if you are referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary, her  occupation was being a mother and housewife for (MORE)

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What is Marie Rivier a patron saint of?

    Since Marie Rivier is not yet declared a saint, I'd guess she's not a patron saint of anything in particular. However, if/when she is, given her dedication to chil (MORE)

Where did Saint Mary live?

Our Lady lived in Nazareth. However, for a little while there, she lived in the Temple in Jerusalem as a little girl.
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What are devotion to Mary and veneration of saints and angels?

Although devotion, or adoration, is a lengthy subject, it can be summarized under four distinct headings: A. Civil - based on natural, created excellence B. Religious lat (MORE)