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How tall was Bugsy Siegel?

  6ft tall   Answer   Bugsy Siegal was 5' 10" tall (1.78M)
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For what was Bugsy Siegel known?

Bugsy Siegel was known for his criminal empire around bootlegging, gambling, and numerous assassinations before continuing on to pursue a position in the famous Las Vegas Flam (MORE)

What does the character of Yonkers do in Bugsy Malone?

Yonkers is a character in the Bugsy Malone gang: The Dandy Dan Crew.This gang of hoods are the REALLY bad guys. In order of hierarchy:DANDY DAN:THE LEADER BRONX CHARLIE:LIUT (MORE)

What does the character Fizzy do in Bugsy Malone?

Fizzy is the janitor and was ment to sweep up. That's what people thought of him because most people like to put people like him in Pigeon holes. His bluesy song, Tomorrow, is (MORE)

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