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What are buildings?

Buildings are large structures which house people. Some buildings are private, and one family will use it for shelter when they sleep and eat. Others are public, a community m (MORE)

What is a building?

A building is any man-made structure with a roof and walls standingpermanently in one place. Buildings come in many different sizesand shapes, and are used for a wide variety (MORE)
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What can buildings out of?

A building can be made out of all sorts of different materials, ranging from bricks to wood. A lot of buildings in the USA are built out of wood, but these aren't as strong an (MORE)

What building is next to the Capitol building?

No major buildings are on the same "block" as the U.S. Capitol Building. . Across the street east of (or behind) the Capitol is the U.S. Supreme Court and the Library of Co (MORE)

What can building do?

Buildings can be used for a range of things including homes, hospitals, medical centers, offices, factories, schools, libraries, museums, storage, shops and more. Temporary bu (MORE)
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What is build?

According to, "to construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time."