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How do you build a kite?

first. you get a straight stick about 1ft long then you get astraight stick about 3ft long then you get a piece of cloth about2ft by 3ft and take string and tape and tie and t (MORE)
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What are mimetic buildings?

Mimetic buildings are buildings that are structures, they are supposed to grab your attention for a specific reason. These structures are called mimetic because they mimic oth (MORE)

What is a building?

A building is any man-made structure with a roof and walls standingpermanently in one place. Buildings come in many different sizesand shapes, and are used for a wide variety (MORE)
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What is maintenance in a building?

Building maintenance consists of a number of services including: HVAC repair, parking lot maintenance, landscape maintenance, snow removal and more. These maintenance services (MORE)
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What is the substructure of building?

•The lowest portion of the building structure.Usually located below the ground level. •A foundation is a part of the structure which is in direct contact with the ground t (MORE)
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What is noggin as in building?

A noggin is a piece of horizontal timber, although it usually refers to the top piece of a frame that forms a panel.

How do you build rapport?

Building a rapport is associated with increasing friendly  connections with a co-worker, manager in an effort to strengthen  communication and relationship. Typically in a m (MORE)

How did the Romans build their buildings?

The Romans  effected what historians call the Roman architectural revolution or  concrete revolution. This involved the extensive use of concrete,  the barrel (simple) arch (MORE)