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How did they get the materials to build the wall of china?

The Chinese Dynasties that built The Great Wall of China mainly used materials that they found around them. Such as if they were building in the desert the builders would use (MORE)

Why is pine a good material for building?

Pine is an inexpensive, abundant, renewable resource. Virtually all the pine used in construction is grown specifically for that purpose. (In the southern U.S. alone, over one (MORE)
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Were did the Egyptians get the material to build the pyramids?

  The Egyptians quarried limestone from Saqqara, Giza, Dahshur Shortly after ascending the throne in 2589BC, Phar (MORE)
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What materials were used for building castles?

Early castles and castles that needed to be constructed quickly were built of wood and put on the tops of small hills, which were sometimes man made. This type of construction (MORE)

Traditional building materials?

Local building materials and traditional building materials differ in the sense that whereas local building materials are those that naturally occur on a building site or its (MORE)

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