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What is corp to corp?

A corporation hires the services of an employee of another corporation on a contractual basis. For example, Corp X hires Tom from another Corp Y for a 6 months period. Corp X (MORE)

What do marines corps do?

The United States Marine Corps serves as an amphibious force-in-readiness. As outlined in 10 U.S.C. § 5063 and as originally introduced under the National Security Act of 19 (MORE)

What is the marine corp?

The United States Marine Corps are one of the five branches of the military. The Marine Corps was established in November 10, 1775 in Tun's Tavern, Pennsylvania. The Marine Co (MORE)
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How do you get into job corps?

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Job Corps, call (800) 733-JOBS or (800) 733-5627 where an operator will provide you with general information about Job Corp (MORE)

Why pay state park fees when my taxes paid the Army Corps of Enginers to build the parks Also why do I have to pay more because I'm a non resident?

Usage fees are a easy way to generate revenues. You have already  traveled to the park and are unlikely to turn around, instead of  paying the fee. Likely, most individuals (MORE)

What is the Corps of Discovery?

The Corps of Discovery was the group of people who accompanied Lewis and Clark through the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Territory. The Corps of Discovery consisted of 45 (MORE)

What is the peace corps for?

The Congressional Act creating the Peace Corps states it's purpose  is:    "To promote world peace and friendship through a Peace Corps, which  shall make available t (MORE)
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What is a ferrous matle?

If you mean ferrous metal, you mean a metal with iron in it. On the periodic table of elements iron = 26th element = Fe = (latin):ferrum. Ferrous metals include both iron a (MORE)