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What is sediment buildup?

Sediment is fine particles carried in a liquid... such as sand in a river.. It gets carried along when the river is flowing swiftly, but if the water slwos down enough, such (MORE)

What is the NVA buildup?

It in the military, especially in the field (front lines), an officer might point to a map and state, "...intell says there's a large buildup of", then possibly (MORE)
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What is calcium buildup on the wrist?

Calcium buildup, anywhere in the body in general, is called 'calcification' or 'calcinosis' if it occurs in soft tissue. However, I'm having trouble answering your question (MORE)

Lactic acid buildup is caused by what?

As you perform strenuous exercise, your breathing increases in an attempt to send more oxygen to your working muscles. Although the body prefers to generate most of its energy (MORE)

What is hydrate buildup on an oil rig?

A VERY timely question. The formation of gas hydrates is quite complex. Fortunately, there is a Wikipedia link, with (as usual) excellent information. Formation of these cr (MORE)

What causes water buildup in the lungs?

There are many diseases and conditions that can cause pulmonary edema or fluid/water buildup in the lungs. Starting with infectious diseases, any bacteria or virus that resul (MORE)