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What is a sulfur buildup behind a tonsil?

It sounds like what you may be talking about is what is usually called a tonsil stone. They usually appear as small white or yellowish lumps, and are usually caused my sulfur (MORE)

What is calcium buildup in shoulder muscles?

  Calcific Tendonitis   Calcific tendonitis refers to a build-up of calcium in the rotator cuff (calcific deposit). When calcium builds up in the tendon, it can cause (MORE)

What is the NVA buildup?

  It in the military, especially in the field (front lines), an officer might point to a map and state, "...intell says there's a large buildup of", then pos (MORE)

What causes excess earwax buildup?

Answer   The skin cells lining our outer ear canals include tiny glands, similar to sweat glands, which produce wax. The point seems to be that this acts as a protective (MORE)

What causes water buildup in the lungs?

There are many diseases and conditions that can cause pulmonary edema or fluid/water buildup in the lungs. Starting with infectious diseases, any bacteria or virus that result (MORE)