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When was USC built?

It depends on whether the reference is to the University of Southern California or the University of South Carolina. A board of directors was formed and land was acquired fo (MORE)

What can you do for the environment?

I know lots of people wonder what can we about the environment. The simple things you can do is recycle, drive less, use energy saving light bulbs and turn off things you don' (MORE)

What is environment?

The definition of environment is the influences and resources in  a system.   The environment is your surroundings, your house, your garden, your  town, your shops, the (MORE)

It was amateurs that built the ark it was professionals that built that built the Titanic?

"The ark was built by amateurs, but professionals built the Titanic" is a popular saying meaning that the accepted wisdom isn't always accurate. The Biblical Noah built an ark (MORE)

Who built Stonehenge?

The neolithic people of Britain built Stonehenge for unknown  reasons. It has been found that the stones are aligned to tell  where the sun will appear at the Winter Solstic (MORE)
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What can you do for our environment?

USE LESS! turn off lights you aren't using. use reusable silverware and plates instead of disposable. Turn off the air conditioning. turn down the thermostat in the winter and (MORE)

Who built the pyramids and how were they built?

One big dump from my Word files.   Shortly after coming to the throne the Pharaoh would command his  overseer of public works and architects to prepare a burial place  i (MORE)