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How does a bulldozer work?

A bulldozer is powered by a massive diesel engine that propels itforward. The engine also powers the hydraulics that move the bladeinto the position needed to move earth and r (MORE)
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Who invented bulldozer?

James Cummings and J. Earl Mcleod invented the dozer it use to be called a caterpiller
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What are bulldozers?

A bulldozer is a heavy piece of earthmoving equipment which uses a front-mounted 'dozer' blade to push soil forward and create aaa level surface for construction sites.. For (MORE)
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What rhyme with bulldozer?

(oh-zah) closer discloser dozer encloser exposer poser sub Rosa transposer NEAR RHYME: (oh-sah) anorexia nervosa come/get/in/(get) up/closer engrosser greengrocer groc (MORE)
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Why was the bulldozer invented?

To knock down large bulidings, that were impracticle or too small to spend money on by safety bombing sperate levels.
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How do you beat the bulldozers on twisted thicket?

As the dumptruck, bulldozer, and wrecking ball roll by you, put on the amulet and become a gremlin (green) to chase them down. Jump onto the wrecking ball crane and become a t (MORE)
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How does a caterpillar bulldozer weigh?

It depends on the model and the year released. Here are some of their models: D7 = 31,870 lbs D8 = 80,000 lbs D9 = 98,000 lbs D10 = 65,400 lbs D11 = 204,500 lbs
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What are bulldozers commonly used for?

Bulldozers are commonly used for moving objects from one place to another. They are used to push dirt, soil, sand and rocks. They can be found on construction sites, in mines (MORE)