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How does a bulldozer work?

A bulldozer is powered by a massive diesel engine that propels itforward. The engine also powers the hydraulics that move the bladeinto the position needed to move earth and r (MORE)

What are bulldozers?

A bulldozer is a heavy piece of earthmoving equipment which uses a front-mounted 'dozer' blade to push soil forward and create aaa level surface for construction sites.. For (MORE)

What rhyme with bulldozer?

(oh-zah) closer discloser dozer encloser exposer poser sub Rosa transposer NEAR RHYME: (oh-sah) anorexia nervosa come/get/in/(get) up/closer engrosser greengrocer groc (MORE)

How do you beat the bulldozers on twisted thicket?

As the dumptruck, bulldozer, and wrecking ball roll by you, put on the amulet and become a gremlin (green) to chase them down. Jump onto the wrecking ball crane and become a t (MORE)

How does a caterpillar bulldozer weigh?

It depends on the model and the year released. Here are some of their models: D7 = 31,870 lbs D8 = 80,000 lbs D9 = 98,000 lbs D10 = 65,400 lbs D11 = 204,500 lbs
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