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What is an antonym for bulwark?

Using the definition 'fortification, support', antonyms would be 'weak link, weak point, weakness'. Check this page for an explanation: answers. com /topic/bulwark
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What was HMS Bulwark?

The HMS Bulwark is the flagship of the navy of the United Kingdom.This ship is actually an amphibious transport dock that was createdto carry the Royal Marines.
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Where can plans for a bulwark be found?

HMS Bulwark is a royal navy ship and plans can be found on the Royal Navy MOD website. The ships history, pictures, videos, a range of statistics and details can be found. A d (MORE)
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Where can one buy Bulwark clothing?

There are many online places to find Bulwark clothing. Amazon, bulwark, workingperson, flameresistanceuniforms, and yahoo are just a few who carry this brand.
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What is a bulwark?

A bulwark is a supporting structure, parapet, or the above-deckhull of a ship (mainly to reduce over-wash). Metaphorically, it isa defense; a support or protective barrier, as (MORE)