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How do you care for a bummer lamb?

Firsly warmth is nessacery for survival as is Colostrum as it is vital to give the lamb a good immune system. It is best absorbed in the first 24 hours of the lambs life. (MORE)
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What is a bummer?

Mean people . Rude people . Traffic tickets . Cold gravy . Warm popsicles . Reruns . Bad directions

Why didn't sherman try to stop the bummers as he marched to the sea?

Because he didn't see why he should waste resources on them. They were helping him to "make Georgia howl" as Grant had ordered - in fast, more than his own troops were, becau (MORE)

How do you raise a bummer lamb?

The first thing you need to do is make sure the lamb is warm and fed. You can milk out colostrum from the any ewe who has give birth within the previous 24 hours and tube feed (MORE)