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Why didn't sherman try to stop the bummers as he marched to the sea?

Because he didn't see why he should waste resources on them. They were helping him to "make Georgia howl" as Grant had ordered - in fast, more than his own troops were, becaus (MORE)
In Stains

Easy Ink Stain Removal Using Hairspray

Getting an ink stain on a favorite item of clothing is a real bummer. However, with this simple trick using hairspray, ink stain removal nightmares are a thing of the past. Ea (MORE)

You Won't Believe The Stories Behind These 10 Amazing Dogs

Who does't love a beautiful dog story? They are man's best friend after all. Here are 10 dogs that have made quite an impact on doggy history.During the 1930's there was a bla (MORE)

Family Ski Vacation Ideas for the Rocky Mountains

Successful ski vacations rely on one thing: picking a mountain that your family will enjoy. The wrong set of trails can turn a good vacation into a serious bummer. Luckily, sk (MORE)

Finding a Job after College

As unemployment levels rise, more people are searching for jobs. However, good jobs can be hard to find. Even college graduates are leaving college with high hopes of beginnin (MORE)