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Why didn't sherman try to stop the bummers as he marched to the sea?

Because he didn't see why he should waste resources on them. They were helping him to "make Georgia howl" as Grant had ordered - in fast, more than his own troops were, becaus (MORE)

Everyone Who Has Died on Downton Abbey: Where Are They Now?

Downton Abbey is America's favorite show... but why? Seems like they're constantly killing off cast members. Obviously, spoilers ahead!Remember nasty Mr. Green? He was killed (MORE)

All Of The Most Hilarious Infomercial Fails Have Been Compiled Into One Video

Whenever an infomercial is trying to sell you something, they always show you a bumbling idiot failing in a way that no human could ever actually replicate. Here are some of t (MORE)

17 Reasons We Miss Kim and Paris Being BFFs

The world is a much sadder place now that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are no longer best friends. Haters have to make fun of them separately and their fans don't get to se (MORE)

13 'Ninja Turtles' Characters We Want to See Again

If Michael Bay ever decides to make a sequel to his first live-action "Ninja Turtles" reboot, these characters need to be included.Shredder gets all the credit, but Krang is a (MORE)