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What is a bureaucratic system?

A bureaucracy system is one that is made up of non-electivegovernment officials. These systems are known for being toocomplex, inefficient, and too flexible.

What is a bureaucrat?

A bureaucrat is a government worker within a structured system of operations. The word may be used in a derogatory tone to mean "paper-pusher" or someone who is more concerned (MORE)

What is the bureaucratic drift?

When policy is implemented, due to the discretion of agencies in the implementation of policy, it can slip away from what voter's might want in the direction of what the burea (MORE)

What is bureaucratic drift?

A bureaucratic drift is a kind of theory that tells about thetendency of bureaucratic agencies to create new policy that comesfrom the original mandate. It produced legislatio (MORE)

What is bureaucratic socialism?

Bureaucratic socialism (also known as "state socialism") is a formof social organization in which ownership and control of the meansof production (such as farms and factories) (MORE)
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What is bureaucratic alienation?

C.WRIGHT Mills argues that the material hardships of the workers of the past have been replaced today by a psychological malaise,which is rooted in workers alienation from wha (MORE)
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What is a bureaucratic country?

Simply, when there are many procedures you need to go through to get things done. Usually occurs in centralized authorities. Mostly found in third world countries. Creating E- (MORE)