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What is a bureaucrat?

A bureaucrat is a government worker within a structured system of operations. The word may be used in a derogatory tone to mean "paper-pusher" or someone who is more concerned (MORE)

Why are bureaucrats unresponsive?

Because they are hired and promoted largely on the basis of educational credentials and seniority within the organization and protected by civil service personnel practices de (MORE)

Advantages of pre-bureaucratic structure?

Usually this type of structures can be observed in small scale, start-up companies. Usually the structure is centralized and there is only one key decision maker. The communi (MORE)

What is a bureaucratic system?

A bureaucracy system is one that is made up of non-elective  government officials. These systems are known for being too  complex, inefficient, and too flexible.
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What is bureaucratic control?

Bureaucratic control is the use of rules, policies, hierarchy of authority, written documentation, reward systems, and other formal mechanisms to influence employee behavior a (MORE)
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What is bureaucratic inefficiency?

Bureaucratic inefficiency refers to a failure of an organization to complete the work that it exists to perform.
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What is a sentence with bureaucrat?

Under Labor and the Conservatives, far too much has been decided by bureaucrats in London.
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What are the advantages of a bureaucrat?

The biggest advantage or benefit of a bureaucrat is that it  regulates the FDA's standards and rules. The other advantage is  that it controls the equality when it comes to (MORE)

What is bureaucratic socialism?

Bureaucratic socialism (also known as "state socialism") is a form  of social organization in which ownership and control of the means  of production (such as farms and fact (MORE)

How do bureaucrats behave as regulators?

Bureaucrats work as regulators in two general ways: Decrease of Efficiency: As anyone who has worked with or worked in a bureaucracy will tell you, the creation of a bureaucr (MORE)