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What colors match burgundy?

One color that matches burgundy is green more specifically hunter  green. Violets and reds also go well with burgundy as they sit  right next to each other on the color whee (MORE)

What color interior wall paint would go with burgundy leather furniture in living room?

For a sophisticated look try a medium to dark tone of grey. Brown and/or beige work well, and lend a decidedly masculine look to a room. Greens will also tend to a more mas (MORE)
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What colors make burgundy?

  Answer   if you're mixing paint, i would start with a warm red, add a bit of warm, deep blue, and then, if you need to darken, add a tiny bit of true (MORE)
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What are good colors for burgundy hair and blue eyes?

I have blue-gray eyes and have had my naturally reddish-brown hair  tinted burgundy for the past 5 years. I suppose the best colors  depend on your skin tone; mine is like a (MORE)

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What color paint to go with burgundy leather furniture?

Try to avoid any red-based paint, like burgundy, bright red, or pink, because it will clash with the color of the furniture. Also try to avoid anything on the opposite side of (MORE)