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What is a Burlesque in music?

Burlesque refers to theatrical entertainment of broad and parodic humor, which usually consists of comic skits (and sometimes a strip tease).

What does burlesques mean?

A burlesque is basically a show that is all about mockery. You'll find this type of thing on comedy channels sometimes... it can also be a mockery type show with very little c (MORE)

What is a burlesque dancer?

Burlesque dancers have varied with the times. The earliest burlesque dancers danced the can-can (something of a line dance usually during which a woman's undergarments were ex (MORE)

What is burlesque dancing?

it is when people (females) dance to stimulate others minds or as to entertain people in a sexy manner. it is not stripping. it is taking dancing to a fantasy world of each pe (MORE)

What songs are on the burlesque soundtrack?

Something's Gotta Hold On Me - Christina Aguilera Welcome To Burlesque - Cher Tough Lover - Christina Aguilera I'm A Good Girl - Christina Aguilera A Guy What Takes His Time (MORE)