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Is Burma a nation?

Answer   Yes, even though it does not always go by that name   ----   In 1989 the controlling military regime changed the name to the Union of Myanmar. The US and U (MORE)

Where is Burma?

  Answer   Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand.   Burma, now called Myanmar is located in souther (MORE)

What is good about Burma?

UM..............NOTHING!!   LOVE YADANA   Another View: Myanmar is a beautiful country and the people are amazing - generous and warm, despite the oppressive regime.
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What is the latitude of burma?

Burma (Myanmar) covers the range of latitudes between 9.70° to 28.55° North ... a span of 18.85 degrees of latitude, corresponding to about 1,300 miles north-to-south.
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What is the humidity in Burma?

Usually very high - Burma is a tropical country with a lot of rainfall. In fact, it got so wet they changed their name to Myanmar.
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