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Are Burmese pythons poisonous?

No, the Burmese Python is not poisonous: it bites on to its prey  with back-facing teeth, then wraps its body around the victim until  it dies from suffocation, it is then s (MORE)
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How was the Burmese Python brought to the US?

Burmese Pythons - being native to Asia, were exported to the US for the reptile pet trade. Sadly some people didn't realise how big they get and set them free when they either (MORE)

How were burmese pythons brought to the everglades?

Many people, especially in Florida, where the reptile trade is quite large, think that owning a snake, especially a python, is cool. As the proud owner of a Jungle Carpet Pyth (MORE)
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What preys on a burmese python?

Basically nothing. Hence the problem with the snakes in the everglades right now. They lack the ability to introduce an apex predator into the ecosystem and as a result they r (MORE)

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