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Does blue star ointment burn?

Yes, it burns like crazy if you put too much on. Not so bad if you put a little on. But if you put too much, be advised the burning sensation is intense. It will only last for (MORE)
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What is bactrim ointment?

Bactrim ointment, or bactroban ointment as it is usually referred  to, is an antibiotic cream used to treat skin infections. It can  also treat secondary infections such as (MORE)

What is in KIP ointment?

As far as I can tell, it was a burn ointment circa 1960 that contained aromatic oils, including wintergreen, spearmint and bay. I can't find a reference to it that's much newe (MORE)

Does the salve the telephone linemen used for burns called Telephone Ointment still exist?

I don't know if it still exists or not, but I have an old box of telephone ointment which lists the ingredients: "A compound of Bismuth Subnitrate, Zinc Oxide, Oil Eucalyptus, (MORE)

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