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What exercise burns the most calories in the least time?

    HIIT...High Intensity Interval Training. This makes your heart rate start slow, hit max, and slow back down again, burning the max number of calories. Ex: 20 sec (MORE)

What is burn time in solid rocket motor?

It depends on the motor. The Space Shuttle's 4-segment motor burns for 124 seconds, for instance. The Atlas V's solid rocket motors burn for 90 seconds. A common size B4 model (MORE)
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What is the shortest time to cool a burn?

The shortest time to cool a burn would vary depending on the  severity of the burn. If the burn is not that severe, the cooling  time may only be around 10 minutes.

Burn-in time for Electronic Devices?

As burn-in for electronic devices is the term used to describe the quality control testing phase of an electronic device then life gets very interesting, very quickly. Integra (MORE)

What is the average time a tea-light burns?

I think it depends on the tealight... Mine says 2-4 hours... but I have another one that boasts 8 hours of burning time!
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