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What is the shortest time to cool a burn?

The shortest time to cool a burn would vary depending on the  severity of the burn. If the burn is not that severe, the cooling  time may only be around 10 minutes.

Why does a log of wood take longer time to start burning than wood shavings?

  Smaller surface area, Wood shavings are generally drier than a log of wood, because of the general density of the wood itself. Wood shavings are in turn, easier to burn (MORE)

What is the average time a tea-light burns?

I think it depends on the tealight... Mine says 2-4 hours... but I have another one that boasts 8 hours of burning time!
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What is burn time in solid rocket motor?

It depends on the motor. The Space Shuttle's 4-segment motor burns for 124 seconds, for instance. The Atlas V's solid rocket motors burn for 90 seconds. A common size B4 model (MORE)

What does Burn Time for a rocket mean?

The length of time from ignition of propellant to when all propellant has been consumed.
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