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Who is the President of Burundi?

Pierre Nkurunziza is the current President of Burundi. He was elected President by Parliament on 2005 August 19, and took office on 2005 August 26. He was re-elected by the p (MORE)
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What does the burundi flag mean?

the stars in the center stand for unity,work, and progress. and also stands for the three ethnic groups hutu,tutsi, and the twa. the red in the flag stands for independence st (MORE)

Where is burundi located?

It is a small country in the Great Lakes region of East Africa  bordered by Rwanda on the north, Tanzania on the south and east,  and the Democratic REpublic of the Congo on (MORE)

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What is the capital of Burundi?

The capital of Burundi is Bujumbura.    Until 1962 the capital of Burindi was Usumbara.
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Is Burundi rich?

  Burundi is not rich, in fact it is one of poorest countries in the world!

What is the most important river in Burundi?

Being a landlocked country all rivers in Burundi are essential to the country's demographics, water supply and trade. Burundi's rivers flow into two basins of two major rive (MORE)

What is the national flower of Burundi?

  Because of the political uprising by past dictatorship by many dictators and mass genocide and warring between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes the country never was settled en (MORE)