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Is the griffon at Busch Gardens a scary ride?

It's Really In Your Opinion, Just Like Any Other Coaster Around. It Is Defidentally A Teen Coaster But I Went On Age 9. So It's Really In Your Mind. Here Are Some Tips To Keep (MORE)

What can you do when you lose your Busch Gardens fun card?

 Lost or Stolen Annual Passes    Reprints will be issued at any ticket window. Adults must present  valid government-issued photo identification in order to receive  (MORE)

How many Busch Gardens is there?

There are only two. Busch Gardens Europe, in Williamsburg VA and Busch Gardens Africa, located in Orlando FL.
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Where is Busch Gardens located?

Busch Gardens operates two separate theme parks, one is located in Tampa Florida, the other is located in Williamsburg Virginia. Both parks are great to visit. Virginia
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What time does Busch Gardens close?

It depend on the day and whether you are asking about Busch Gardens  in Tampa or the one in Williamsburg. Normally the park closes  between 9:00 and 10:00. If you visit the (MORE)

What year did Busch Gardens open?

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opened on March 31, 1959. Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened on May 5, 1975. There was also previously Busch Gardens parks in Pasadena, California (190 (MORE)

How long does it take to drive to Busch Gardens from SeaWorld?

With no traffic problems, it takes about an hour and 15 minutes,  via I4. It's about a 75 mile trip.    Busch Gardens is at:   10165 N McKinley Dr   Tampa, FL 3 (MORE)

Are the lines long at Busch Gardens?

If you are going to "Cheetah hunt the line is really long. It  takes like 40 minutes. But if you are going to Stanley Falls  Log Flume'' the line is about 20 minutes. So exp (MORE)