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What was the code of bushido?

The code followed by Japanese warriors (also known as Samurai) The way of the warrior the Bushido is made up of respect, loyalty,bravery, honor and faith to one's lord. The s (MORE)

What are the rules in Bushido?

\nFrom\n. \nBushido: The code of conduct followed by Japan's samurai warriors.\n. \nThe principles of bushido emphasized honor, courage, and loyalty to a warrior's (MORE)
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What is the concept of Bushido?

Bushido is a code of conduct for samurai warriors in feudal era of Japan. It is not a conduct that is spelled out, but is passed along through generations of samurai and feuda (MORE)

What did they do with the code Bushido?

the Bushido code was a Japanese honour code, where the Japanese would commit suicide instead of surrendering. the did not believe in surrender and were taught to take their ow (MORE)
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What is the samurai Bushido?

The Samurai developed a code of moral principles. This code would be used throughout the life of the Samurai. Samurai means to "Serve" so the code instilled a way of service (MORE)

What is bushido and why was it important?

The Bushido code is the Japanese way of the warrior. It placeshonor above all, even one's life. Japanese soldiers in World war IIwould fight until killed, or commit suicide ra (MORE)

What is seppuku and bushido?

Seppuku was a ritual form of suicide performed by the samurai.Bushido means "way of the warrior". This was a code that waspopularized in Edo period Japan to justify the lofty (MORE)