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What does the bushmen eat?

the bushmen eat springbok and other anterlope. and Kudu, antelope, deer, dikdik , buffalo and wild berrys
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Where do bushmen live?

Bushmen live in Southern Africa. These people lived for thousandsof years hunting and gathering their own food until recently.
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Who were the Bushmen?

Were, and still are, members of any of several aboriginal peoplesof southern Africa, especially of the Kalahari Desert. They arenomadic hunter-gatherers.
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What is Kung Bushmen?

They are one of the last remaining people who live in a hunter-gatherer society. They speak a click language, and they have the oldest strain of human DNA in the world. Some h ( Full Answer )
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Who are the bushmen of Australia?

There are several different senses of "bushmen" in Australia. If you consider the "bushmen of the Kalahari" in Africa, then Australia's equivalent and the original bushmen of ( Full Answer )
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What languages are spoken by the Bushmen?

Various Khoisan languages such as Hadza, Sandawe, Khoe, Kwadi (possibly extinct) Nama, Korana. Kxoe and Naro
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How do Kung Bushmen adapt to the environment?

Animals do not consciously adapt to their environment. Adaptations come about through mutant variations, most of which are detrimental. However, occasionally a mutation will b ( Full Answer )
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What is the religion of bushmen?

Animals and nature are the central features of the Bushman's religion. This means that there are many Gods, as well as the God of Life and the God of Death