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What does a business owner do?

A business owner has full authority and liability for their business. This means they can make the final decision on all matters pertaining to their business. They also rece (MORE)

How are small business owners taxed?

If you are a small business the taxes you pay will be determined by the way your business is organized. There are basically three (3) forms of business entities, a sole propri (MORE)

Who are the owners of the business?

The owners of a business are the ones who supply the capital, plans, management and/or personnel. If a sole proprietor, it's the individual. A partnership is made up of 2 or m (MORE)

Are you a principle owner or principal owner of a business?

principle owner _____________________________ Actually, that is not the correct answer. "Principle" has one main meaning: "a law or rule". "Principal" has more tha (MORE)

Where can a business owner purchase insurance of their business?

A business owner can purchase insurance for their business, such as liability insurance or small business health insurance by visiting a price comparison website. Price compar (MORE)