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What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole-proprietor HVAC Repair business?

(CGL) Commercial General Liability  The type of insurance you need is called "Commercial General  Liability" also sometimes referred to as "Contractors Liability  Insurance (MORE)

How much is Public Liability Insurance for a small business?

The cost of liability insurance is going to depend on a few factors.   # What type of business it is? A CPA will pay a cheaper price than a plumbing contactor.  # Where (MORE)

Where can one buy liability insurance for a personal chef business in New Jersey?

Ask your friends for a referral to a good local independent agency in your area. If you are new in business, you may be told that because of what you are doing and because y (MORE)

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Do you need professional liability insurance for your small business?

It just depends on the type of business you are engaged in You should have professional liability insurance if you give professional advice or services. Professional Liabili (MORE)

How much liability insurance is needed for small painting business?

Standard general liability limits for a start up painting  contractor are 1M per occurence, 2M aggregrate, 2M products and  completed ops. Make sure there is no exclusion fo (MORE)

What are the two major duties that liability insurance for small business provides?

The first major duty that liability insurance for small business provides is to defend the small business when it is, for example, sued by another party. The second duty for (MORE)