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Why does Louisiana require liability insurance?

Louisiana Liability Insurance RequirementLouisiana requires liability insurance for the same reason that all other states require it. The law is there to make sure citizens ha (MORE)

What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole proprietor educational services business?

Hi! You will need Errors and Omissions Insurance. This is basically a liability insurance policy that covers you, your employees and the company from claims of inadequate or n (MORE)

When starting a home watch service business do you need to be bonded or have liability insurance?

 Yep, You have to have insurance for everything.   To be more specific, you need two types of insurance for a Home Watch business. You need general liability and you nee (MORE)

What is personal umbrella liability insurance?

So does that mean you cannot get an umbrella liability policy  without having some primary coverage first? I am a landlord. Let's  say I am not concerned about property dama (MORE)

Why do you need Pollution liability insurance?

The reason companies need pollution insurance is because no other insurance policies will cover damage and remediation costs resulting from pollutants you use during your busi (MORE)