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Does melted butter float or sink?

  Melted butter floats above the solid butter...another way to say that is that solid butter sinks.   If you are talking about floating butter in water, solid and liqui (MORE)

How do you melt butter?

The easiest way is in a microwave and half power at 60 seconds. Or if a stick of butter, try 30 seconds. The butter will still retain its shape even after melted. SO you need (MORE)

Is butter melting a physical change?

Yes--it is only changing state of matter. If it had changes in properites, then it would be a chemical change.
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Why does chocolate melt in your mouth?

It depends on how much cocoa fat is in the chocolate; the melting point of cocoa fat is below blood temperature (between 34 and 38oC) so it does melt when you put in your mou (MORE)
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Why does an ice cube melt in the mouth?

  Ice beings to melt once the surrounding temperature is above 0oC. The mouth is at body temperature (roughly 37oC) and so the molecules inside the ice cube gain more kine (MORE)

Can melted butter be substituted for softened butter?

Yes it can, but it will most likely affect the texture of the finished product, such as being too dense, dull, soggy or flattened, instead of fluffy, soft, light, crispy, smoo (MORE)

Why melting butter is physical change?

Because it is still butter (no new substance was formed), just in a different state of matter.
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Melting temperature of butter?

INFO FOUND OFF OF:   Melting Point of Butter   The Physics Factbook™ Edited by Glenn Elert -- Written by his (MORE)
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