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What is a button?

A button is a fastener for clothing which is attached to one piece of fabric and pushed through a slit called a buttonhole in another and will not easily be pulled back throug (MORE)

Do you button the bottom button of a suit?

No. The tradition of leaving the bottom button of a coat undone started as a fashion choice. Coats are designed to flare away at the bottom, since the hips are (generally) br (MORE)

How do button makers make buttons?

Interestingly enough, before it became the Furniture Capital of the US (which it no longer is), Grand Rapids, Michigan was the Button Capital of the US. In the old factories a (MORE)

Which button do you button on a 2 button suit?

You would button the top button. If you choose to only button the bottom button, it may look like your jacket does not fit properly and you are somehow "spilling out." However (MORE)
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What is the theme of the story button button?

In the story Button, Button by Richard Matheson the theme of the story is don't let money get the best of you. Listen to the people who love you. Remember if you push the butt (MORE)

Is the aoss button a reset button?

The AOSS button is a button on your router that temporarily shuts down the wireless signal and puts it in a special mode, where it can communicate with a compatible device and (MORE)