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What did flying buttress do?

A flying buttress is most strongly associated with Gothic church inarchitecture. The purpose is to resist the lateral forces pushing awall outwards by redirecting them to the (MORE)
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What does buttressed mean?

projecting structure of masonry or wood for supporting or giving stability to a wall or building - Notre Dame has "flying Butresses" that support the walls or something that (MORE)
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What is a buttress?

"A buttress is an architectural structure built against or projecting from a wall which serves to support or reinforce the wall. Buttresses are fairly common on more ancient b (MORE)

What is a synonym for buttress?

"Buttress" as a verb can mean strengthen, reinforce, fortify,support, bolster, underpin, cement, uphold, defend, sustain "Buttress" as a noun can mean prop, support, abutment (MORE)
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What is a buttressed root?

Buttress are large roots on all sides of a tall or shallowly rooted tree. Typically they are found in rainforests where soils are poor so roots don't go deep. They prevent th (MORE)
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Does buttress roots mean long?

no, buttress roots are roots of a big tree, but the roots are showing out of the ground, bulging
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What are Buttresses used for in buildings?

A buttress is an architectural structure used to support or reinforce a wall. They are usually projecting from, or built against, a wall. Buttresses are common in ancient buil (MORE)