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How do you buy a car?

When purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle there are an entire list of things to watch for, to expect, and that you should do. You should always buy from a franchised dealersh (MORE)

Can I get out of a car loan if I did not buy the car?

If you did not buy the car it depends on the creditor. Some will void out the loan, others will not. If they do not void it then you have all the money from the loan... so you (MORE)

What if you get a car loan and not buy the car?

You will still owe the money back with agreed upon interest. There may be some legal issues if you used the car for collateral and you do not own the car. return the money (MORE)

Where buying car?

You can buy cars at auction. The largest in the USA is Copart Auto Auction. There are a lot of different vehicles and you can spend as much money as you wish. You will find so (MORE)