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Why the number 133 not a prime number?

Well because it can be divide by 19 and 7 by 1 and its self. A prime number can only be divided by 1 and its self. In this case the number 133 is not only divisible by 1 and i (MORE)
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Why number 1 is a special number?

One is a special number because it is neither prime nor composite. It only has one factor, which is one. It can also be multiplied to any number to not change the product from (MORE)
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What is the biggest number out of all the numbers?

Numbers are unlimited... The largest one I can think of with a specific name is Graham's number. It's so large that writing it, even in scientific notation, would require mo (MORE)
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What number has no numbers?

The number zero, 0, has no numbers. It has been given a number but contains nothing. The definition of zero is 'A cardinal number indicating the absence of any or all units un (MORE)
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Which numbers have the greatest number of significant numbers?

The significant digits in a number can be arbitrarily small or large in number, according to the method of creating them. Numbers that can have an infinite number of possibl (MORE)

What is a number?

A number is something that has a value of some sort, and adding two numbers, will get you another value.