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What is the history of the former Carson C Peck Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn New York?

I worked in Brooklyn in the late seventies delivering oxygen for the Holmes medical company and Carson Peck Hospital was on my route. The place was scary and looked like somet (MORE)

What book did ben Carson write?

Carson, Ben with Cecil Murphy. Gifted Hands. 1990 Carson, Ben with Cecil Murphy. Think Big: Unleashing your Potential for Excellence. 1992 Carson, Ben with Gregg Lewis. The Bi (MORE)

When did ben Carson become an christian?

It happened the day he realised that he had come so close to killing his best friend (his friend's belt buckle saved him). Carson ran home in shame and disbelief knowing he ha (MORE)

Who was Carson C Peck of Carson C Peck Memorial Hospital?

  Carson C. Peck was a Vice President & Treasurer of the F.W. Woolworth Company. He was also the owner of the Brooklyn Daily Times and President of the Wiscasset, Watervil (MORE)
In Nevada

When did Kit Carson explore Nevada?

Kit Carson first entered the western side of what is now the state of Nevada on his journey southward as guide to the Fremont expedition in 1843. The party went southeast afte (MORE)

Where was Carson C Peck Memorial Hospital located?

You probably know that it was in Brooklyn New York. I will try and find out where in Brooklyn. It was probably near Flatbush.   Carson C Peck Memorial Hospital was on Alban (MORE)

What is the name of the painting by C Carson of a grandmother in her kitchen baking a pie with 2 grandchildren watching and one grandchild asleep on the dog?

  I believe the painting is titled "Grandmother's Kitchen." (I am looking for a bio on the painter (C Carson) but have struck out to date.)       I also have a (MORE)