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What is the French phrase 'C'est la vie' in English?

"That's life!" is an English equivalent of the French phrase C'est la vie! Specifically, the masculine demonstrative pronoun ce* means "it, that, this." The verb est means " (MORE)

What does se la vie mean?

It means, "That's life." It's usually used to express regret for bad luck or problems. Like if you lose your new hat: "Oh, well. That's life." "Oh, well. C'est la vie." (It's (MORE)

What does 'Que la vie est belle' mean?

The statement 'Que la vie est belle' means How beautiful life is , Life is so beautiful . In the word-by-word translation, the conjunction 'que' means 'that'. The definite a (MORE)

What is the meaning of C'est La Vie?

It is a French word which means " That's Life / This is Life".    In french, when an article that finish by a vowel goes in a front  of a noun starting with a vowel (o (MORE)

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