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What was c s Lewis education?

He went to a string of boarding schools, most of which were very unpleasant, before spending a couple of years with a private tutor. After the First World War, he went to Oxfo (MORE)

How did C. S. Lewis die?

C. S. Lewis died on November 22, 1963, in Oxford, England, UK. His death is variously reported as due to kidney failure or heart attack, probably a combination of both. It was (MORE)

When was c s Lewis married?

C S Lewis was married twice to the same woman, Joy Davidman. The first marriage was a marriage of convenience only so that Joy (an American) could stay in England because she (MORE)

Who did C S Lewis marry?

C S Lewis married Joy Gresham. Joy was an American divorcee with two sons by her previous husband. Unfortunately, although they were very happy together, Joy died from cancer (MORE)

Was c s Lewis an atheist?

During his youth, CS Lewis was an atheist. Later in life he converted to Christianity and became a well known Christian apologist.
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