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What is the Cash Cab?

Cash Cab is a TV game show on Discovery where people answer questions on the way to there destination for money. Ben Bailey is the host.

What is the difference between a quad cab and extended cab?

A quad cab has four doors where an extended cab may have just two doors or two full doors and two smaller, reverse doors. A quad cab is basically a crew cab, though Dodge has (MORE)

Are Glen Jacobs and Mark Calloway really brothers?

They are infact not really brothers or related in any way in real life. Within the WWE, the personas they portray ' Kane and The Undertaker ' respectively are related, believe (MORE)

What did Cabell Calloway contribute to the Harlem Renaissance?

  Cab Calloway contributed mainly in the area of music. He was a jazz and scat singer as well as a big band leader. His band played at the famous Cotton Club. He also acte (MORE)

What are the benefits of cabs over trucks?

The benefits of cab over trucks include shorter wheelbases, which makes it easier to attach a trailer and it's easier to maneuver. You can get more information about Cab Over (MORE)