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What is a pier cabinet?

A pier cabinet is so named because the original design (Georgian) was to fit the column between floor ceiling windows. Pier mirrors the elongated decorative mirrors usually gi (MORE)

What does the President's Cabinet do?

The heads of 15 executive departments make up the Cabinet. Cabinet  members manage their departments , handle issues related  specifically to their department (such as the S (MORE)

What is Cabinet secrecy?

Cabinet secrecy is the policy in which all members of the cabinet must keep all government talk within the cabinet.

What is a Shadow Cabinet?

A shadow cabinet is a virtual and powerless government formed with members of the opposition. Where each member of the leading government has a opposite spokepeople. It is led (MORE)

Functions of the cabinet?

The cabinet head up various government departments. These  department see to it that federal laws are followed by those that  are subject to cabinet departments.

What does the cabinet chief do?

As President the Chief Cabinet decides how the government is to be  run. He delegates certain responsibilities and duties to other  posts. There are a total of fifteen cabin (MORE)

What is a cabinet memeber?

Well the job of a cabinet member is to help make the tough decisions that the president cannot make on his own. they also are the people who write down everything from every p (MORE)

Who confirms the cabinet?

In the American system, the Senate confirms individual cabinet appointees of the president to their respective offices. Under the Westminster system, the entire government is (MORE)