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What is the cabinet?

The cabinet consists of the 15 Secretaries of the 15 major  executive departments plus others who hold cabinet rank such as the  UN ambassador. The vice-president is also in (MORE)

What is a cabinet?

A furniture with a drawer to put items inside.   In the US government, it means a group of department heads who  serve as the president's chief advisers.
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What is a Shadow Cabinet?

A shadow cabinet is a virtual and powerless government formed with members of the opposition. Where each member of the leading government has a opposite spokepeople. It is led (MORE)

How did the president's cabinet get the name cabinet?

One of the definitions of cabinet is: a body of advisers of a head of state. Therefore, as a body of advisers to the President of the United States, the term Cabinet is fittin (MORE)

What does cabinet mean?

It's like a cupboard that you can place things in, it often has opening and closing doors to secure your belongings that you place in it. Also as for politics: Establishe (MORE)
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What is marshalling cabinet?

Marshalling cabinets are just cabinets with electrical connectors, where all wires are re-arranged in the desired way.

What is a cabinet and what does it do?

A Cabinet is a body of high-ranking members of the government,  typically representing the executive branch. It can also sometimes  be referred to as the Council of Minister (MORE)
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What is a cabinetization?

A cabinetisation is the process in New Zealand of decentralizing the telecommunication infrastructure by installing roadside cabinets which act as miniature telephone exchange (MORE)