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What is a cable?

a telegram sent abroad  * a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power  * a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire  * a n (MORE)
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Cable that has the highest cable cost?

This is bit of a weird question! I just went off loooking at a data and communications products website who do cable management supplies. The highest product there is £1. (MORE)

Depth of cable tv cables?

Usually below the 'frost line' in most areas, or from four to six feet, on the average. But if you're going to be doing any digging, call first so they can come out and mark (MORE)

Which cables are UTP Ethernet cables?

A UTP Ethernet cable, is I think means "unshielded twisted pair" cable and another one is called STP "shielded twisted pair" cable. The more commonly used one in the industry (MORE)

Is a DVI cable a monitor cable?

DVI is the digital display standard for computer displays, so it is indeed a monitor cable. DVI provides similar resolutions to analog VGA cables when running LCD panels at th (MORE)

What type of cable is an USB cable?

The term USB stands for 'Universal Serial Bus'. USB cables are some of the most popular cable types available, used mostly to connect computers to peripheral devices such as c (MORE)

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What are the blue cables for on video cables?

Blue cables designate one of the three wires for a component video cable connection. Along with the Red and Green wires, these three form a component video cable.
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