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What is the definition of 'cable' in wikileak cable?

A diplomatic cable, also known as a diplomatic  telegram or embassy cable, is the term given to a  confidential text message exchanged between a diplomatic mission,  like a (MORE)
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What are belted cables?

Belted cables have a "belt" of insulation around each sector of conductor. These were a Pre~1927 design. The belted conductors now incorporate a screen or shield to reduce the (MORE)

What is an OTO cable?

I found this description on a site advertising a Hyundai tablet. which I ordered Sevral cables came with the tablet but I don't know which one is the OTO cab,e and what it doe (MORE)

What is cable schedule?

Cable schedules provided a tabulated list of all cables with relevant details such as cable number, cable type, size and rating, voltage, number of cores and length of route. (MORE)

What is RJ45 cable?

Registered Jack-45, an eight-wire connector used to connect computers onto a local-area networks (LAN), especially Ethernets. RJ-45 connectors look similar to the RJ-11 connec (MORE)

How long is a cable?

  a nautical unit of length equivalent to 720 feet (219 meters) in the U.S. Navy and 608 feet (185 meters) in the British Navy.
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What is A2XFY cable?

A2XFY cable is a type of cable that is armored. It is particularly  used for earthing, and other electrical uses like mechanical  protection.

Which cable is the Ethernet cable?

Hi,   I have a little bit idea of that is " An Ethernet cable is one of  the most popular forms of network cable used on wired networks.  Ethernet cables, connect device (MORE)
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What is a cable modem?

Cable modems are a kind of device that you hook up to your computer that is used to deliver broadband acess in the form of cable internet to your computer. It allows you to su (MORE)