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What is a cache?

Answer:- The Cache memory is placed between the CPU and the main memory. It is a fast speed memory and is expensive and faster than the main memory. Cache memory is used to s ( Full Answer )
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What is processor cache?

Processor cache is intermediate memory between the processor itself and main memory (RAM). Because processors can read data so much faster than main memory, the speed of a ( Full Answer )
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What are advantages of cache?

When data is cached, it's stored locally for quicker access if what's stored at its origin has not been changed. The most common example of this is browser cache. If you visit ( Full Answer )
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How do you cach a fairy?

well i don't think we can really catch fairies because they are not seen anywhere by anybody yet but if you do see them you still can't catch em.
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L1 cache l2 cache and l3 cache differ?

Each one is larger, cheaper and slower than the next. L1 cache tends to be direct mapped and L2 tends to have higher associativity. I don't believe that any current processors ( Full Answer )
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What is cache hit and cache miss?

Type your answer here... in cache memory when the CPU refer to the memory and find the word in cache it is said to be hit or produced....... if the word is not found in cach ( Full Answer )
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Why do you clear a cache?

that depends.. if you are using IE IE browser 2.go to tools tab Internet Option should be seeing delete (for other versions it might be delete ( Full Answer )
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What is the cache in a laptop?

Cache can refer to a number of things. One type of cache found in alaptop is located inside the CPU chip. It is used to hold the mostused code and data so it doesn't have to b ( Full Answer )
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Can cache be deleted?

Individual lines of cache can, but instructions to do so are often privileged thus not directly available to user code.
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Cached what is it?

Memory caching is effective because most programs access the samedata or instructions over and over.