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What is cadence in music?

  A cadence refers to the move from the dominant chord in a key (V) to the tonic (I). This would be known as an authentic cadence. A move from IV to I would be a plagal ca (MORE)

Where is dj cadence?

  Dj cadence is usually in servers with 3 bars full. If u go on to buddies and click online if she is there she will have a big smilie

Where is cadence on clubpenguin?

Sometimes you can see cadance in the night club but mostly she is in the back stage area of the music party in cp. If you see her in the music party she gives you a AWSOME lim (MORE)

What is cadence in poetry?

The stress on the last syllable of a verse in a poem. if the last syllable of a verse is stressed it is called a male cadence. eg. I saw him go away (stress on the bold) if th (MORE)

What is bicycle cadence?

Cadence is the number of rotations the cranks make per minute. By adjusting the gears to match the terrain, you should be able to maintain a fairly steady cadence.

What is a cadence in music?

A cadence is a resting (or turning point) in a piece of music. It is analogous to a comma or a period in speech. There are different kinds of cadences; in traditional classic (MORE)
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What is an authentic cadence?

In music, an authentic cadence is one where the dominant chord resolves to the tonic.
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What is a cadency?

A cadency is, in heraldry, a systematic way of distinguishing coats of arms which belong to members of the same family.
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