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Why is St. Peter in military cadences?

In alot of running cadences st peter is in them because he is at the gates of heaven and you would see him before god. if you follow the chain of command st peter is the plato (MORE)

What is a cadence in music?

A cadence is a resting (or turning point) in a piece of music. It is analogous to a comma or a period in speech. There are different kinds of cadences; in traditional classic (MORE)
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What is the cycling term cadence?

  Cadence is the rate at which you pedal the bike, i.e. the RPM(revolutions per minute) of the crank.   If your right foot passes through the lowest point of the stroke (MORE)

What is cadence breaking technique driving?

Cadence braking is a technique used in cars without ABS to give a similar effect (i.e. being able to steer and brake at the same time in difficult conditions). If you've locke (MORE)

What is clubpenguin cadence item id?

Id: 10, Name: Peach, Type: Color - THIS IS NOT BAIT Id: 1032, Name: Cadence Hair, Type: Head - THIS IS BAIT Id: 1033, Name: Cadence Shoes, Type: Feet - THIS IS BAIT Id: 1034, (MORE)
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Is Princess Cadence Luna's daughter?

No. Looking at the flashbacks to when Twilight was a filly, Cadance  is noticeably younger. This suggests that she is relatively young,  meaning that whe would have been bor (MORE)

When are pairs of chords not cadences?

Cadences only occur at the end of phrases, so a pair of chords in the middle of a phrase is not a cadence, it's just part of the progression.
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Example of cadence?

There are many different types of cadence. Cadence can be defined  as being a beat or measure of that is rhythmic. It can also be a  fall that occurs in the pitch of the voi (MORE)