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Who gave Hermes his wand Caduceus?

Apollo desired the flute, so Hermes bartered with Apollo and received his golden wand which Hermes later used as his heralds staff. (In other versions Zeus gave Hermes his her ( Full Answer )
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What is a caduceus?

A staff with a two snakes coiled around it and sometimes wings at the top. It was owned by Hermes/Mercury and was used to represent commerce. Today, it more often represents m ( Full Answer )
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What is the Caduceus?

A Caduceus is a staff with entwining serpents running its length. In mythology some gods, notably Isis, Hermes, and Mercury are often portrayed holding a caduceus. It is a ( Full Answer )
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What did Hermes's caduceus do?

It could 1. Wake people up and make them fall asleep 2. Can turn anything into gold it touches [or concrete in Demigod Diaries] 3. Help lead souls to the dead
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What is dental caduceus?

The dental caduceus is the universal symbol of dentistry. It consists of one serpent intertwined on a vertical staff rising out of leafed branches, surrounded by a large circ ( Full Answer )
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What was the Caduceus a sign of?

Caduceus represents Hermes (Mercury) and so represents planet Mercury. It's also a symbol of medicine and sometimes commerce, and is the sign you usually see next to a pharmac ( Full Answer )
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What does original caduceus look like?

i t looks like two snakes wrapped around a rod it is used with docotors signs! hope that helps and remember we are watching! -Zues
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Who was the god with a caduceus?

Hermes, the god of the roads and those who used them frequently. His Roman name was Mercury.
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Where did Hermes get his caduceus?

Hermes stole Apollo's cattle when he was five minutes old, and when Apollo found out, he was upset. Hermes had made the first lyre (stringed instrument similar to a harp) and ( Full Answer )
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Why does the goddess Nike carry a caduceus?

I think that Nike carries a caduceus since it is a symbol of messengers. As the Winged Goddess of Victory, Nike needs to proclaim people's victories, sort of like a herald. Th ( Full Answer )