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What is the French classical menu?

A french classical menu is a 16 course menu it comprises of Hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) Potage (soup) Oeufs (eggs) Farineaux (rice & pasta) Poisson (fish) Entrée (entry of 1st (MORE)

What is a Accordion?

The accordion is a musical instrument. It is very portable, you can carry it with you. You have two types of accordion, one with piano keys, and the other with buttons. An acc (MORE)

Why did the French classical menu die out?

The classic French menu came in disrepute over allegations of high fat content. While those allegations, like all generalization, were not generally correct, the more modern (MORE)
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What is the sequence of a classical french menu?

Seventeen course classical menu............ 1. Hors-d'oeuvre 2. Potages (Soups) 3. Oeufs (Eggs) 4. Farineux (Pasta & Rice dishes) 5. Poisson (Fish) 6. Entree 7. Sorbet 8. Re (MORE)

What is Clous de Paris?

Clous de Paris literally means 'nails of Paris', but in fact it's the name of a new product line (or collection) of watches created by the Swiss watchmaker Longines - the minu (MORE)
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Is formaldehyde in de-caf coffee?

There is a trace amount of formaldehyde that occurs naturally in all coffees. The decaffeination process uses solvents, but not formaldehyde or formalin - the FDA banned its (MORE)

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