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What is 12 course French classical menu?

A classical French Menu comprises of he following 12 courses in sequence: 1. Hors d'oeuvres - pronounced as "or-dov" meaning Appetizers or Starters or First-course. 2. Pot (MORE)

What is the French classical menu?

A french classical menu is a 16 course menu it comprises of Hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) Potage (soup) Oeufs (eggs) Farineaux (rice & pasta) Poisson (fish) Entrée (entry of 1st (MORE)

How do you say I love Paris in French?

J'aime Paris. "Aimer" is to like/to love in French. You simply have  to conjugate aimer in order to say you love something.   I love - J'aime   You love (informal) - (MORE)

Where can you get caf-pow?

Caf-Pow is a fictional drink..... It's not real so you can't buy it..... Actually Caf-Pow is a real drink and you can purchase it on CBS's Website 6 cans for 17.00.
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What is 'Ah beautiful Paris' in French?

Ah, la belle Paris is a French equivalent of 'Ah, beautiful Paris'. The feminine definite article 'la' means 'the'. The feminine adjective 'belle' means 'beautiful'. All toget (MORE)

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Why did the French classical menu die out?

The classic French menu came in disrepute over allegations of high fat content. While those allegations, like all generalization, were not generally correct, the more modern (MORE)
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Which are the 13 course french classical menu?

Horsd'oeuvre - Appetizer Potage- Soup Œuf - eggs preparations Farineaux (rice & pasta Poisson - fishpreprations Entree - entrance dishes like tornedos etc small port (MORE)
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What is the sequence of a classical french menu?

Seventeen course classical menu............ 1. Hors-d'oeuvre 2. Potages (Soups) 3. Oeufs (Eggs) 4. Farineux (Pasta & Rice dishes) 5. Poisson (Fish) 6. Entree 7. Sorbet 8. Re (MORE)

Who is caf president?

As of September 2014, Issa Hayatou is the President of CAF. The  Confederation of African Football was created in 1957 and has its  headquarters in Egypt.
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Organ of Notre Dame de Paris?

  There are two. First, the one in the gallery at the West end:   Built by Thierry in 1733, amended by Clicuot in 1788. Completely rebuilt by Cavaillée-Coll in 1867, i (MORE)