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Who discovered Cahokia?

The city incorrectly named Cahokia was "discovered" by French explorers in the early 1600s - a tribe called the Cahokia were at that time living in the area, so the French gav (MORE)

What is conferred posthumously?

When a medal is given to someone after they die, it is conferred or given after death, posthumously. Posthumously means that it was done after the fact or death, such as a bo (MORE)

What is a pretrial conference?

A pretrial conference is a meeting where the lawyers in a lawsuit meet with the judge assigned to hear the trial in order to iron out any trial preparation issues that may sti (MORE)

What was the Yalta Conference?

The "Yalta Conference" was a World War II meeting between the heads of state of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met in (MORE)

What is a media conference?

A media conference is a conference held to invite the media to ask  questions and publicize an event. This can be a celebrity, a  company or a sports figure. Anyone can have (MORE)

What is web conference?

Web Conference- A videoconferencing session via the Internet. In order to interact with other participants, attendees use either a Web application or an application downloaded (MORE)

What is a degree conferred?

A degree conferred means that one has received their diploma. The  degree is only conferred if the degree has been received and not  just the meeting of the course requireme (MORE)

What is a sentence with confer in it?

To confer is to bestow some sort of honor, or to meet together in order to compare views. Here are some sentences. The president will confer the medal of honor on the soldier (MORE)

What do conference committees do?

A conference committee is a committee of the United States Congress  appointed by the House of Representatives and Senate to resolve  disagreements on a particular bill
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