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What present day city is Cahokia near?

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is located on the site of anancient Native American city (c. 600-1400 CE). It sits directlyacross the Mississippi River from modern St. Loui (MORE)

Who discovered Cahokia?

The city incorrectly named Cahokia was "discovered" by French explorers in the early 1600s - a tribe called the Cahokia were at that time living in the area, so the French gav (MORE)

What conference is uconn in?

The American Athletic Conference (AAC), formerly known as the Big East. The University of Connecticut was one of the last remaining members of the old Big East, along with Cin (MORE)

Why were cahokia mounds important?

uses: they were used as stages for ceremonies&rituals,often as platforms for dwellings, and occasionally served as burial sites importance: my textbook states that it was the (MORE)

What was the Berlin Conference?

Berlin, Conference of, 1884-85, international meeting aimed at settling the problems connected with European colonies in Africa. At the invitation of the German chancellor Ott (MORE)

What is the cahokia language?

It is a Native American language that started in what is modern day St. Louis. There's not to much known about this language because they didn't hardly write anything down. Th (MORE)

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