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How do you play in cahoots?

Some one leaves the room, and everyone picks an object. Then they come back in. Before, though, the person "it" and the person who leaves, pick a mutual agreement, like pointi (MORE)

Where did the term 'in cahoots' originate from?

the term "in cahoots' comes from the legal term 'incahoots' meaning an act of conspiring , I am learning about this in my CJ1101 (Criminal Justice) Course, and (am in class ri (MORE)
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What does cahoot mean?

The word cahoot is usually used to talk about the participation in an illegal or unethical event or activity. It also means an agreement on a secret plot.
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What does the word cahoot mean?

The word cahoot can be very unique and creative. It means to be very excited and cheerful. It means to work together as a group as well. It is interesting.